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Welcome to the Archery Center of Israel

The team at the ``Archery Center IL`` in Beit Lehem of Galilee is made up of people who have extensive knowledge of the different types of bows and shooting styles, and are skilled in training individual, group and people with disabilities. We have made it a point to develop the field of archery in Israel beyond the world of sports to the fields of education, culture and social development.


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Reviews from you

"I was looking to buy a bow and with the centers help and direction I found the perfect one."

Abed El Mona'am

"I was looking for a place to learn traditional archery and found the Beit Lehem traditional group. Excellent instructor and great people."

Dor Waisman

"We came here for a company outing and tried our hand at archery. it was so much fun and the instructors were professional and kind. We will be back."

Keren Barner

"We invited the archery center to set up a range at our place and our guests didn’t wanted to leave the range for start to finish."

Didier Bodin

We came to celebrate my birthday in the 3D range and we couldn’t stop having fun throughout the entire 2 hours. We will be back for the next birthday.

Ofer Cafri

"We came here clueless and left like we are robin hood! Highly recommended"

Yair Ringer

"We had a blast! My children had a lot of fun and so did me and my husband."

Nili Zaid

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Let's talk about all you need to know to own a bow in Israel

Activities At Our Place

the archery center in Beit Lehem of Galilee is the only place that allows you to experience every aspect of this ancient unique tool.

Activities at Your Place

Book a spot-on archery activity at any point in Israel!


Welcome to our blog: ``The Arrow's Journey`` where you can delve deeper into a variety of content from the world of archery

  • Welcome to the professional arena of the "Archery Center IL" In our blog, which will be called "Journey following the arrow" after Yossi Yager's new book that will be released soon and tells about the history of arrowheads in the Levant,

  • The Mongolian bow is a composite recurve bow built in the traditional way from layers of wood, animal horns and sinews layered together so that the wood or bamboo is at the heart of the bow, the sinews face outwards

  • The Longbow is a bow that was used by our ancestors in wars for thousands of years. An ancient crossbow found of this type in Denmark was made as early as 9,000 BC and longbows are still used today in

  • The bow as a tool for hunting or war has accompanied humanity from its first moments. But when did archery become competitive shooting for fun rather than survival?It all started in 1545 in London when Roger Ashham published his book



Archery activity or equipment purchase can be scheduled in advance outside of operating hours

Telephone / WhatsApp   |  (+972) 0544407113

דרך היער 2, Bethlehem of Galilee, 3600700

Email  |  [email protected]


The “Archery Center IL” in Beit Lehem of Galilee develops the field of archery in Israel beyond the world of sports & the fields of education, culture & social development.

Telephone / WhatsApp | (+972) 0544407113

Email | [email protected]

Forest Road 2, Bethlehem of Galilee, 3600700

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