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Where it all started

The path at the Israeli Archery Center began in 2006, by chance. One day Yossi Yeger was sitting at home, and suddenly heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, Zvika Zur was standing there, telling him only one sentence: “Yossi, come see what I have in the car.”

In Tzvika’s car, one bow and 3 arrows were waiting on the seat. Yossi and Zvika went down to an abandoned shed in the farm that hadn’t been used in many years, where Yossi shot 3 arrows. less than a year later, the Bethlehem of Galilee Archery Club was already active and buzzing with life in that very same shed. The club – founded and managed by Yossi and Zvika in the Yeger family farm in Bethlehem of Galilee – has become one of the leading archery clubs in Israel.

Over the years, came the realization that archery is an amazing tool for working with all kinds of people; children, adults and even business executives – in groups or privately, have come to the archery center to better themselves, whether through improving connections between body and mind, educating young children and adults to set goals, improving business skills, improving physical abilities and much more.

The Archery Center soon established itself as an active center in all areas of archery in Israel – from professional sports clubs, importing archery gear, conferences for traditional archery and commercial work that includes activities all over Israel, and the development of archery programs for educational institutions.

Today, the archery center in Beit Lehem of Galilee is the only place that allows you to experience every aspect of this ancient, unique tool, that has been a part of human life since the down of time.

Our professional team

The team at the archery center is made of knowledgeable, skilled professionals, with a wide variety of archery experience. The team is trained in single and group activities, as well as activities for differently abled individuals. Our guides and instructors are graduates of a professional archery instructor course, with a certificate from the sports director and a variety of training courses in the field of archery and sports.

Many of our instructors are active athletes with accomplishments in national contests and the Maccabia. Some instructors have gone through training to work with differently abled individuals in archery specifically, in a joint project with Israel’s social security office. This program aims to include persons with disabilities (autism, intellectual disability) in society, and specifically in the archery clubs of the community.

Archery in Israel

Archery in Israel is managed by the Israeli archery association. It is registered as an association, and garners all archery clubs and associations in the country. These days, there are several archery clubs around Israel that compete in the league or national competitions.

The Israeli archer’s union is part of the World Archery Association called World archery

In recent years, the archery business has been in constant growth (both globally and in Israel), with an emphasis on developing a young generation of archers at the highest level. This includes bringing the world-renowned coach Richard Priestman to train Israel’s official team.

We at the “Archery Center IL” in Beit Lehem of Galilee have made it a point to develop the field of archery in Israel beyond the world of sports, and to the fields of education, culture and social development.  We create educational and business programs that use archery, with the understanding that this skill is a great tool, and an ideal and flexible platform for conveying and assimilating messages while enjoying a fun activity, in which success is a part of the experience.

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The “Archery Center IL” in Beit Lehem of Galilee develops the field of archery in Israel beyond the world of sports & the fields of education, culture & social development.

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