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Welcome to the professional arena of the “Archery Center IL”

In our blog, which will be called “Journey following the arrow” after Yossi Yager’s new book that will be released soon and tells about the history of arrowheads in the Levant, we will provide a platform for every professional topic related to the world of archery, whether it is from the field of sports, archery equipment, training teachings, ancient archery, types of archery and shooting styles and history of the field in its many directions.

In a world of increasing polarization, we have allowed ourselves to stick to the most important quality of the bow, which is its flexibility, and therefore this blog will be a place where opposing opinions and ideas can also arise from our experience that there is no single truth in bows and that there is a place for all methods, techniques and ideas to be heard.
Any article or idea that is proposed for publication on the blog will be reviewed by the team of the Archery Center to make sure that we maintain the values of flexibility and connection to archery.
We invite you to follow the blog, participate in discussions, offer ideas for posts and of course write your own so that together we can continue to spread the news of bows in Israel.

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The “Archery Center IL” in Beit Lehem of Galilee develops the field of archery in Israel beyond the world of sports & the fields of education, culture & social development.

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