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Educational Archery

Educational Archery in Israel

Program no. 8273
Basket: Social education, extracurricular activities
Sub- Basket: Community oriented activities, social value

Archery is a unique sport that combines body training and the development of the mind in one activity. It exercises and strengthens physical fitness and at the same time teaches discipline, precision, concentration, and the ability to use all the resources of the archer to achieve the goal.

This sport is recognized in Israel by the Ministry of Sports and Culture, the Unit for Achievements in Sports, The Olympic Committee, and the directive of the Ministry of Education.

Archery gives the trainees several added values: connecting to the body, learning from mistakes, patience, restraint, and perseverance.

In the physical and mental aspect, the practice of archery strengthens the muscles of the body and regulates breathing, reduces physical and mental tension, and clears the mind. The archery training enables release and calmness as well as concentration, patience, and discipline. This is relevant to every person, but is especially apparent in young ages, when posture, motor skills, coordination and even personality are not fully developed. Archery can boost self-confidence, which is especially important among teenagers, who can take some valuable lessons from the archery world and apply them to their adult life.

We believe archery is a steppingstone to education, through which trainees can improve their achievements, while having fun and exercising.

1. A yearlong archery class – approved by “Gefen” educational systems

Program summary

  • Physical practice that imparts values
  • Work with a regular plan
  • Based on the principle of “learning from experience”
  • Dialogue and cooperation between the participants and, if necessary, between the educational staff and the parents
  • Social involvement and the development of youth leadership through sports

The activity can take place during school hours or as an extracurricular activity, in an open field or in a sports hall. The program is intended for ages 12-18


Key goal of the program and its main aspects:

  • Introduction to the world of archery, types of bows and types of shooting
  • Adapting personal equipment to each student in order to start a shooting training
  • Training outline according to the “Arrows and Feathers” program of the World Archery Association
  • Tests and challenges
  • Official competition (on school premises)

2. Learning Science through archery

Program summary

The “Bow of Science” program is a 14-session program, in which the participants will get to understand and deepen the simple laws of physics while maintaining the principle of learning through experience. The program improves students’ attention and concentration skills, teaches them setting goals and meeting them, self-confidence and personal empowerment.

The activity can be part of the school hours or as an extracurricular activity, in an open field or in a sports hall. The program is intended for ages 12 through 18.

Key goal of the program and its main aspects:

  • Learning archery at a basic level.
  • Using a bow and arrow to perform “scientific research” in fields such as: physics, mathematics, engineering and technology.
  • A combination of theoretical study followed by practical study in each lesson to “prove” through the use of bow and arrow the material studied that day.

3. One-time archery activity

In this activity, students will learn to hold and shoot a bow in a safe manner. We do a fun, constructive and experimental activity. Depending on the number of participants, we will bring targets, bows, arrows, certified archery instructors and allow safe shooting at any location.

The shooting is done in turns accompanied by a guide while paying attention to the needs of the children. During the shooting we will work with the students on tolerance, concentration and hitting their targets.

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