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Archery for fun

Archery for fun in Israel

Welcome to the world of interactive archery, where each person can feel at home – whether they come in a large group for a specific archery activity, a family get-together or individuals who want to work on their mind and body connection. Whatever activity you choose, In the archery center you can hit the bull’s eye.

Basic Archery activity

Archery is the art of using a bow and arrow, allowing the person to acquire many skills such as: accuracy, precision, perseverance, consistency, learning from mistakes and fixing them, focus, and much more. Other than it being a fun and connecting experience, the participant goes through a powerful internal process, strengthening their inner abilities by taking part in the archery world.

In our compound we have a shooting range for activities, that can hold up to 25 shooters at the same time. In this shooting range the participant can shoot from 3-8 meters and experience the joy and excitement of hitting the bull’s eye for the first time! The activity includes: - Indian shooting technique lesson - Warm up shooting to get used to the technique - Unified targets shooting - Group/Individual competition – by request

(approx. activity time – one hour)

3D activity

Shooting at a 3D range is one of the most popular and fun activities in the archery world. The 3D shooting range simulates a classic hunting experience and takes place in natural surroundings. In our archery center the shooting range is in Arizona Cypress forest next to the main compound. The 3D targets are made from animal shaped polyurethan plastic.

The targets are in different locations throughout the woods, in an organized, marked trail, and the shooting can be done from different ranges. Before going inside the forest 3D range we will work in the main compound and learn how to hold the bow correctly, aim and hit the target and then we will continue to the 3D range for an extreme, bonding experience.

We emphasize that the archery center is against live shooting/hunting, and it is also considered illegal in Israel.

The activity includes: - Indian shooting technique lesson - Target warm up shooting to get used to the technique - Pre – shooting briefing before the 3D range - Shooting at 3D targets - Group/Individual competition – by request Please note, this activity requires an extra shooting guide for every 8 participants.

This activity can be done as a competitive activity – for groups or individuals. (approx. activity time – two hour)


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The “Archery Center IL” in Beit Lehem of Galilee develops the field of archery in Israel beyond the world of sports & the fields of education, culture & social development.

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